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Thea Meulenberg Casting is a well-known international casting agency, with over 30 years of experience. The Amsterdam-based agency, casts actors, actresses, models and children for tv commercials, corporate- and promotional films, tv series, video clips, telefilms and photography. Besides the Netherlands, the agency works also a lot with clients in other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Greece, as for customers outside Europe.

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    We zien hier een review uit 2016 ivm de inschrijving van een baby. Bijzonder, want wij casten geen babies. We schrijven talenten in vanaf 4 jaar. Dus geen idee waar dit over gaat.
    Thea Meulenberg Casting is een internationaal castingbureau uit Amsterdam met 40 jaar ervaring. Het bureau cast acteurs, actrices, modellen, families en kinderen. We doen dit voor TV commercials en online commercials, films, bedrijfsvideo's, videoclips en fotografie.

    Sterke punten
    Professioneel, duidelijk, goede tarieven, goede begeleiding, mooie opdrachten in binnen- en buitenland.

    Rip off!

    A few months after our son was born we started getting emails from meulenberg after months of contemplation, being no stranger to modelling agencies, we decided to meet with them to have a chat about our sons future. After a long conversation with lots of promises thrown out way we forked out more than 400 euro for professional pictures to be taken of our son. There was talk of regular training and auditions ...after a failed photoshoot we we're told we would be contacted with another appointment. They literally just fell off the face of the earth after that. I tried contacting them several times over a few months but their adres was non existent anymore, as was all of the phone numbers we were given. I've head stories of these kind of places. Didn't think I'd be sucker enough to fall for one. Apparently I was wrong. 5 years later they show up in our neighboring country sending us new emails for a new photo of our kid! PAH! I'm still waiting for the first one!

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